The Quad City Bass Fisherman's Club, based in Davenport, Iowa along the banks of the Mississippi River, was formed in 1963 making it one of the oldest known bass fishing clubs in the country. The club currently boasts a membership of over 200 men and women. We annually have 7 club closed tournaments, 1 open tournament that takes place in conjunction with the Tug Festival in LeClaire, Iowa, 2 husband and wife outings, and a summer picnic. The club motto "Leave Some For Seed" represents the emphasis placed on catch and release at every club tournament. Monthly meetings are held on the last Monday of the month and the public is invited to attend.


Date:   August 26, 2019
Time:   7:00 pm
Place:   Leisure Lanes (2802 W. 73rd. St. Davenport Iowa)
Guest Speaker: T.B.D.


Please make sure to get your PSA checked.


The Dubuque tournament took place August 18 with a field of 31 boats participating. The weather for this tournament was mixed with a very rainy morning which turned to an ideal afternoon. Congratulation to Terry Harris and Lane VanMeighem for placing 1st in this event. A complete listing of tournament results can be found by clicking here.


The Prairie tournament will be held August 24-25. We will be going out of the Marquette, Iowa city ramp under the bridge. Early sign up will take place Friday night at 6 pm at the Captain's Cove Motel (Bill Mueller's room). Saturday morning sign up will be at the ramp from 5:00-5:30 with the mandatory meeting taking place at 5:30. Tournament hours will be safe light until 2:00 on Saturday and safe light until 1:00 on Sunday.


As stated in the club rules, in order to fish any tournament, membership dues must be current at the membership meeting before the first tournament you wish to fish. In order to fish the May 18-19 tournament at Lansing your dues will have to be paid by the end of the April 30th membership meeting.


We are once again fortunate to have two sponsors for the month of July. The first August sponsor of the month is Rick and Kens Automotive owned by club member Chico Harris. Rick and Kens has been a club sponsor for a plethora of years and the past and current owners have been club members for decades as well. Rick and Kens is a complete auto repair center and can do any repairs needed to your vehicle and do it right the first time. This includes anything from tune-ups to major repairs including installing a new engine if need be. They are open Monday thru Fridays at 1353 W. 4th St. in Davenport. Give them a call at (563) 324-4229.

Our second July Sponsor of the Month is All Phases Construction owned by long time club member and 2 time Fisherman of the Year Dave Melchert. They will do any construction you need from demolition, framing, trim, paint, sheet rock, and insulation. They also do residential, commercial, and industrial jobs. If you need something done, call Dave and get the job done right the first time. See their ad on the back of the newsletter or give them a call at 563-320-1084.


The fish committee has set the dates for the 2019 season. August 24-25 Prairie Du Chien, September 14-15 Cassville, September 21 His/Hers at Lansing, October 12-13 Lansing "Classic".


The Quad City Bass Club with a membership of over 200 individuals has sponsorship opportunities available for any business or individual looking to expand their advertising at a relatively cheap rate. For the mere sum of $50 yearly, your business card sized ad will be placed on our monthly newsletter which is sent to each and every member and sponsor. For $125 annually your ad will be placed in the monthly newsletter AND a fishing rod will be given away in your name to a lucky contestant at a club sponsored tournament. Sponsor sign up forms can be downloaded or printed from the link located to the left of this web page.


As of July 1, 2013 a new set of aquatic hitchiker laws went into effect in Iowa. Before leaving a water access YOU MUST: INSPECT all boats, trailers and equipment, REMOVE any visible plants, animals and mud. No aquatic invasive species or aquatic plants can be transported on public roads. DRAIN all water from boats, live wells and equipment. While in transit on Iowa roadways, boat drain plugs must be removed and all drain valves (livewell pumpouts) must remain open. A violation of these laws can bring a fine of up to $500. These are good laws and it will only take a few minutes after you load your boat to observe them.